I was commissioned by former studio nordwand (now Pedall & Pedall) to animate various movies for the Audi City showrooms.
Explained by Audi as showroom concept of the future, Audi City combines the design and operation model, the current and upcoming related sales methods with the best dimensions of the digital virtual world. Not only a technological infrastructure as a virtual showroom but Audi City aims to provide a more customized customer service.
To achieve this we designed an iconic graphic world to further underline Audi's bold move to sell cars without actually showing a lot of real cars, neither in the virtual domain, nor in the physical store.
client: Audi
commissioned by: studio nordwand
agency: tisch13 GmbH
creative direction: Peter Pedall, Axel Flachenecker
3d & motion design: Florian Böck, Axel Flachenecker, Peter Pedall

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